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Radio reaches over 240 million “unique” listeners every week! Even in this world of smartphones, iPods and satellite radio, terrestrial radio still reaches 94% of the population of the U.S. on a regular basis. Radio connects with its listeners, delivering an audience that is genuinely connected, especially in a small marketing area like lower Delmarva.

Radio’s ability to draw in consumers with lifestyle-specific programming and personalities has not been matched by any existing or emerging media. The real-world effectiveness of Radio advertising is in it’s power to reach and influence specific target consumers by playing an integral role in their lifestyle.

Through Radio, an advertiser will increase sales, establish brand identity, and drive traffic to the point of purchase.


• Adults 25+ • Locals • Second homeowners • Tourists • Businesses •

CTG listeners are primarily educated, financially stable, family-oriented adults. In addition to year-round residents, our audience consists of two other diverse groups often sought after and much valued by businesses due to their higher discretionary incomes: those who own second homes at the Virginia and Maryland beach resorts, and vacationing families who come to the area regularly for family fun and relaxation.

Locals rely on CTG for news, weather, community events, on-air personalities they’ve known for years, and, of course, great music from their favorite artists.

Tourists turn to CTG as a timely and reliable guide for where to go and what to do: attractions, beach weather, local events, dining, entertainment, family fun, and more! CTG provides the soundtrack for their memorable, enjoyable vacations!

Where does our audience listen to CTG?
• On the beach • In tents at campsites
• In cubicles at work • At picnics in the park
• On boats – docked and cruising • In the local Bed & Breakfasts
• Decks of waterfront estates • In yards at neighborhood barbecues
• In homes getting ready for work • Traveling roads of Delmarva

CTG is an integral part of daily life for local residents and millions of vacationers in the area each year!


• CTG is effective and affordable.

• Radio reaches people wherever they are: homes, cars, at work, at play, and online.

• In our time-challenged society, radio allows people to multi-task while listening.

• Unlike other traditional media, radio is still considered relevant to the lives of consumers with its easy access, local programming, and reliable, up-to-the-minute information.

• Listeners feel an emotional connection to their favorite radio station and enjoy the engaging personal touch of local on-air talent who are often perceived as “friends.”

• CTG advertising packages are customized for each specific advertiser to ensure results.

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